State of Florida

Casey Anthony’s lies are about to cost her nearly $100,000 – but not her freedom. A Florida judge ruled Thursday that the Anthony, acquitted for the murder of her daughter, must repay the state for the “wild goose chase” her bogus story about her 2-year-old’s kidnapping sent cops on. While the civil judgement tab of […]

Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez told Geraldo Rivera on Fox News last night that he had arranged a meeting with an independent producer who offered $1 million for Ms. Anthony’s first TV interview, but then decided against the deal.  This came shortly after the producer told Rivera that he had an agreement with Baez and […]

How Ironic. Three years to the day that Casey Anthony was arrested in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, she was released early this morning in Orange County, Florida after serving time for essentially lying about every aspect of the case to police but found not guilty of having any involvement in the child’s […]

Attorneys for Casey Anthony are trying to avoid their client being deposed in a civil lawsuit by the woman who says her name was ruined by Anthony’s claim that she, or a woman with her name kidnapped her daughter Caylee.   The lawyers say Ms. Anthony, who is scheduled to be released on Sunday, is too […]

While Orange County, Florida Circuit Judge Belvin Perry, Jr respects the decision of the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial, he did his best to see justice served for the victim in this case, 2-year old Caylee.  Perry sentenced her mother to the maximum penalties and fines on misdemeanor charges of lying and giving […]

In a stunning development, the 12-person jury in Orlando, Florida found Casey Anthony innocent in the death of her daughter Caylee.  Ms. Anthony was facing the death penalty when the jury returned to the courtroom this afternoon, however, the state’s case was totally rejected as she as found not guilty on all felony counts including […]