Did you know that 60% of medicaid recipients in Virginia are children? U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (Virginia district) joins Miss Community Clovia for a segment of ‘Real Deal From Capitol Hill’ on 99.3/105.7 Kiss Fm. The Senate is expected to receive their version of the Trumpcare summary today. Senator Kaine, what is the impact of […]

Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan (District-09) keeps an “Eye on the G-A” with Miss Community Clovia about Remaining At Place of Riot or Unlawful Assembly After Warning To Disperse; penalty. Clovia features a segment called “Keeping An Eye on the G-A” for citizens who can’t make it to the Virginia General Assembly sessions often. The segment […]

Miss Community will emcee Senator Mark Warner’s annual women’s conference this Saturday at the downtown Richmond Marriott. During our interview Senator Warner said that he recognizes the real challenges that women go through day in and day out. He also said, ” Occasionally,  I think men don’t fully appreciate or understand.” Play audio here… On […]

Senator Mark Warner is not happy about the treatment of veterans at the Veterans Administration (VA). The Virginia senator refers to reports that some veterans are getting the runaround when they try to use the VA to get answers to their medical questions. In Chesapeake, a wife of one veteran who was injured in Iraq […]

Who’s feeling the BERN? Well, heading into the presidential primary in Virginia according to the latest  Christopher Newport University survey, Bernie Sanders is most- favored over Hillary Clinton but she leads the race by 52-percent. Get ready for Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is holding a rally at the Norfolk […]

For Health Purposes Only????? Is Virginia on the come-up? Could Virginia be one step closer to legalizing marijuana? This is what one lawmaker fears the most about marijuana oil bill (SB701) moving forward. If the bill passes during Crossover Day it would allow people to use marijuana oil to treat severe epilepsy. Parents of epileptic […]

Secretary Hillary Clinton is the top democratic contender for president.  However, it is too close to call but supporters for Clinton remain confident about her victory for the American people. The second primary will be held tonight in New Hampshire. United States Senator Tim Kaine endorses former first lady of Arkansas, former first lady of […]

Lawmakers will have their say at the Virginia General Assembly if you don’t participate. Lawmakers in the Senate will deliberate on SB223, New Sentencing Hearing: Abolition of Parole. If you support or oppose this bill call, email or text your senator here. Full Text of SB223 is courtesy of RichmondSunlight.Com New sentencing hearing; abolition of […]

Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds suffered a tragic loss three years ago with the suicide of his son Gus Deeds. On that day back in 2013, Gus Deeds stabbed his dad several times before taking his own life. Senator Deeds has filed a six-million dollar lawsuit against Michael Gentry and the Rockbridge Area Community Services Board […]

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 12 noon. Lawmakers in the House and Senate will convene in Richmond to introduce, vote and kill hundreds of bills submitted during the session. Virginia Senator Charles Carrico, Sr (R-District 40) is pushing for the Confederate flag to return to Virginia license plates. The bill, […]

  I, Clovia Lawrence, believe Americans should vote the issue and not a particular party. I believe that all state and federal legislators work and represent us. As a concerned American, I want to know play-by-play what is happening on Capitol Hill. Will there be any compromise? Will there be a lot of gridlock? Will there […]

UPDATE: Senate bill SB367 “JP’s Law” introduced by Senator A. Donald McEachin has passed at the 2014 Virginia General Assembly and is a new law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Watch: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s ceremonial signing of JP’s Law in the Cabinet Room at the Patrick Henry Building on Wednesday. Congrats to JP’s parents Pam and […]