Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell says we are a nation of second chances. McDonnell did not call for Governor Northam’s resignation over the racist picture on his 1984 yearbook page. McDonnell said as someone familiar to controversy for his corruption conviction and successful appeal, the question is can Northam be an effective leader for Virginia. […]

Comedian Kevin Hart is now the biggest comedic star in the world with everything going for him, including a new wife, Eniko Parrish, who is also pregnant with his child. Enter the drama… Don’t Miss The Latest In Entertainment, News, and More! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Radar Online recently published a shocking story that […]

Olivia almost gets falsely implicated in Frankie Vargas' assassination, but Fitz isn't having it.

Kerry Washington took to Instagram to celebrate #Scandal100 with behind the scenes footage from last night's episode.

Olivia gets a glimpse of what life would have been like for everyone had she never helped to rig the election in favor of Fitz.

Abby gets her entire life handed to her by the agents who orchestrated Frankie Vargas' assassination.

She even had to capture this slaying moment with a selfie for herself!

Huck convinces Olivia not to kill her father as he tries to get to the bottom of Frankie Vargas's death, and who Rowan is working for.

Frankie Vargas' killer is in a situation that is way over his head, and his future doesn't look too bright.

Jake Ballard and Rowan Pope are involved in Frankie Vargas' assassination, and Olivia is getting dragged into the fold by blackmail.

The gladiators uncover some major information as Cyrus gets even more desperate to prove that he didn't kill Frankie Vargas.

Trouble comes back to Cyrus twofold when Tom resurfaces to expose major secrets with regard to Frankie Vargas' death.