Rush Hour

From the early ’90s to about a decade onwards, comedian Chris Tucker was on top of the world. His high-pitched and high-speed style of comedy branded him…

Shade 45’s own media personality Sway sits down with superstar comedian Chris Tucker as they talk about Tucker’s film career and how he drew from his own comedic inspirations to move further into the world of acting. Tucker reveals details of the differences between his stand-up comedy career and expanding his image beyond the “Friday” […]

Court records show comedian/actor Chris Tucker is facing foreclosure on his multimillion-dollar mansion in central Florida. Records show SunTrust Bank filed papers against Tucker early last week. According to documents, Chris Tucker bought the 10,000-square-foot lakefront home for $6 million in 2007 — before the housing market crashed. The bank claims he still owes more […]

Chris Tucker, the comedian who stars in the hit “Rush Hour” action films, is making a full-time stage comeback. Tucker, now 38, recently began what he calls a “Back To Where I Came From” comedy tour, which is his first major set of stage shows in almost four years. He plans to perform at venues […]