Tuesday, Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, asked for a publicly-funded lawyer to handle his appeal on a manslaughter conviction in the pop star’s death, saying he could not afford to pay for one himself. Dr. Conrad Murray, serving a four-year jail term for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson in 2009, filed papers with Los Angeles […]

The doctor who was convicted in the overdose death of Michael Jackson was sentenced to the maximum four years in prison Tuesday in a finale to the tormented saga of the King of Pop. Dr. Conrad Murray sat stoically with his hands crossed as Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor repeatedly chastised him for what he […]

A new documentary provides a new, never-before-seen perspective on Conrad Murray, the doctor who was recently convicted of negligent manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. The documentary, Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Relationship, which aired Friday night on MSNBC, included an interview in which Murray claims he was only trying to “tip” […]

Conrad Murray may never have taken the stand in his involuntary manslaughter trial, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want the opportunity to defend himself to his many critics. With that in mind, Michael Jackson’s doctor sat down with the Today show, prior to the jury rendering a guilty verdict, and for the first time, […]

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor accused in Michael Jackson’s death, finished closing arguments Thursday. Defense attorney Ed Chernoff argued that Murray, who has pleaded not guilty, shouldn’t be convicted of killing the King of Pop because the singer caused his own death by administering his own overdose of the anesthetic propofol. Chernoff […]

Dr. Conrad Murray announced in court Tuesday that he will not testify in his involuntary manslaughter trial. Murray paused and looked at each of his lawyers for several seconds before telling the judge, “My decision is that I will not testify in this matter.” His decision to remain silent brought to an end the defense […]

An expert defense witness suggested on Monday that Michael Jackson could have risen from his bed, picked up a syringe left by his doctor and given himself a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic in 2009. But the testimony by Dr. Paul White in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray was ridiculed by prosecutors in […]

Dr. White spoke about the safety of small doses of propofol, saying they “have very translucent effects. This is a dose that might be used to produce a little bit of anxiety relief, a little bit of sleepiness.” He then countered the testimony of prosecution’s key witness Dr. Steven Shafer, saying, “With the average patient, […]

Addiction expert Dr. Robert Waldman was first up on the stand, and was immediately asked about the addictive powers of the sedatives given to Jackson. “I don’t recall ever seeing a Demerol addiction,” he told the defense, adding that if someone was withdrawing from the drug, they would suffer “dire sweating, increased heart rate, muscular […]

Michael Jackson’s doctor told police he left the singer for about two minutes after giving him the anesthetic propofol for sleep and returned to find Jackson no longer breathing. In a dramatic audio recording of Dr. Conrad Murray’s police interview two days after Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death, the Grenada-born physician calmly describes how the […]

A coroner’s investigator acknowledged Thursday that she made mistakes while collecting medications and other evidence from Michael Jackson’s bedroom after he died, but she minimized the issues by saying no investigation is perfect. Investigator Elissa Fleak was aggressively cross-examined by defense attorney Ed Chernoff as he tried to expose flaws in the way medical evidence […]

Dr. Christopher Rogers, the pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Michael Jackson and ruled his death a homicide, could testify Thursday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. Jurors should also soon hear the two-hour interview Dr. Murray gave to police two days after Jackson’s June 25, 2009, death of what the coroner […]