Porsha Williams

Word is that Posha was faking her anger management for cameras while Phaedra likes to present two different versions of herself.

Phaedra helps Kandi's ex-assistant find the lawyer who might represent him in his lost wages lawsuit.

It’s rumored that at the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion Todd Tucker claimed Porsha slept with Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo before he went to jail.

The ninth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is winding down and now everyone is talking about the reunion.

Porsha is standing by her word despite Kandi's receipts and here's why.

Kandi pulls out receipts and puts Porsha's lies on blast during a group trip to Hawaii.

As reported earlier, Porsha Williams’ same-sex relationship accusations against Kandi Burruss came back to haunt her when she finally revealed that she offered oral sex to Burruss. Now, Kandi is speaking up some more through her Bravo blog, urging Williams to be more honest about her history with women.  She writes: “I was irritated with her. She […]

Kandi and Porsha have another hostile chat about who said what about who that goes nowhere.

Our favorite shady ladies go glamping and prepare to address more gossip and back biting.

  Porsha Williams spoke to People to clear the air. While Porsha said she never had a threesome with Kandi and Todd. However, she confirmed Kandi’s claims that Porsha tongued her down one night in the club.

Porsha has several moments where it seems like she might knock someone over the head, Kenya is back starting mess, and more.