Dwyane Wade got turned up for his 35th birthday with a "Bad & Boujee" bash. The celebration took place in Chicago and was full of family and close friends.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still getting hit with divorce rumors with less than a week left in 2016. Both stars had a difficult year individually with Kim’s Paris robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown. It wasn’t long before folks began speculating about cracks in the power couple’s relationship, claims Kim denied. Now, KimYe divorce rumors are making […]

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It takes a lot to freak Uncle Luke out, but the legendary rapper found his limit. The hip hop icon revealed on Kevin Klein Live that he attended one of Donald Trump‘s parties once, and decided to leave because the indecency level was too high. He said, “Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to [Trump’s] […]


The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt has become Jamaican’s biggest playboy since winning another gold in the 2016 Rio Games. With his longtime girlfriend at home, Usain has been partying with the ladies since Rio and he’s not stopping now. He’s been strong for a week in London now and he’s dropping money like at […]


As it is declared that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democratic party in this year’s presidential election, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama set up a meeting behind closed doors. The meeting could be about any number of things, but Jeff Johnson is pretty sure he knows exactly what POTUS and Sanders are discussing- the […]

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A millionaire property developer was cleared of criminal charges after he claimed he "accidentally" raped a teenage girl when he "fell" on top of her.

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Both stars have had amazing years, so it's nice to see them giving back to the less fortunate.

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Yale's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter has found themselves hot water (again) after they were accused of racial discrimination for allowing "white girls only" into a Halloween party last week.

It’s party season! But sometimes house guests will overstay their welcome and have the party sticking around a little too long. Thanks to Jasmine Sanders, you’ll…

There are so many things you should do while you’re young, but we often don’t realize it until we’re older! But thanks to Jasmine Sanders, you’ll know…

Are you single for the holidays? Well, you may have it better than you think! Click on the audio player below to listen to Jasmine…

There are two topics in life that most people want to keep private and they are “political party affiliation” and “religion.” Now, this is not the case at this year’s Virginia General Assembly. Delegate Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg) has introduced HB55, a bill that would have registered voters  identify their political party affiliation on a voter registration application. […]