ojani noa

Jennifer Lopez’s first ex-husband Ojani Noa has won the fight to release intimate footage from their short-lived marriage. But he isn’t happy with the way Lopez, her family and her legal team have been treating him and has gone as far as calling Jennifer’s mother a gold digger. “I’m not that horrible guy to her […]

Jennifer Lopez’s first husband is in talks to bare all for Playgirl magazine. Fifteen years since his divorce from Jennifer Lopez was finalized, and amid a court battle over the use of video footage he took of their wedding night and marriage, Ojani Noa is contemplating showing off what Lopez saw in the bedroom. And […]

While Jennifer Lopez works on separating herself from her current husband Marc Anthony, her first husband Ojani Noa has been ordered by a California judge to seek arbitration for a personal home video he wants to release, rather than taking it to a public court. Ever since the two split, Lopez (42) and Noa, whom […]

Jennifer Lopez’s “sex” tape has been stolen by her ex-husband Ojani Noa’s lawyer Ed Meyer. Three days ago, Jennifer Lopez won a temporary court order against Claudia Vazquez who obtained control of the tape from Ojani. In an attempt to still release the tape, Ojani sold the tape to his girlfriend/business partner Claudia for a […]