Morning Minute

2/21/17- As if you needed another reason to dislike Donald Trump, Comedian Chris Paul has a new website that lists all of the questionable things 45 has done since being in office. Listen below.

2/20/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul says Kyrie Irving had one too many white women in his life and why Donald Trump gets no love on President’s Day. Listen below.

2/17/17- Comedian Chris Paul thinks we need to trade in Donald Trump and we’re inclined to agree. Find out more about 45’s new Hidden Figure and more. Listen below.

2/16/17- Comedian Chris Paul brings you the latest happenings from Donald Trump’s Administration. Listen to the hilarity below.

2/15/17- What happens when a Cowboys player’s wife gets pregnant? Comedian Chris Paul has a few questions himself. Also find out where you can get your choice of Whopper this week.

2/14/17- What is Ivanka Trump getting for Valentine’s Day? Listen to Comedian Chris Paul reveal what a few other celebrities can expect on love day.

2/10/17- Where has Ivanka Trump’s stuff been moved since Nordstrom’s kicked her out? Comedian Chris Paul says it’s the same place where the Atlanta Falcons championship t-shirts are. Listen.

2/3/17- Comedian Chris Paul has a special Morning Minute just in time for Super Bowl in Houston. Listen below.

2/1/17- The People vs Chris Brown? A Hitler copy cat? You have got to hear what comedian Chris Paul has to say about this! Listen below.

1/31/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul calls Donald Trump’s fingers really small, who he calls the new Stacey Dash and more. Listen below.

1/30/17- Which business is booming since Donald Trump took the office of the President? Find out when you listen below and lean all about the chips that will save your life if you’ve been drinking.

1/27/17- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul is calling Kanye West’s crazy contagious and why 7th graders were pretending to be Chrisette Michele. Listen below.