Mitt Romney

          For a man who’s been running for President for 7 years, Mitt Romney has to wonder why he hasn’t closed the deal in the Republican race for the Presidential nomination.  Romney has had gaffe after gaffe and just can’t seem to connect with ordinary Americans.  More proof on Tuesday after primary results in Colorado, Minnesota […]

          To the surprise of no one, Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican Primary.  To the surprise of no one, Romney spent his entire victory speech railing against the President while again offering no hint as to his plans for fixing any of America’s problems.  Meanwhile, despite Romney’s current hot streak, none of his opponents […]

BREAKING NEWS: Real Estate Mogul Donald “the Don” Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney for president and not Newt Gingrich. Trump says Romney is a good man and is the right person to challenge President Barack Obama for the White House. Mitt Romney won the Florida primary and is now in the lead.   According to the […]

          The Florida sunshine won’t be needed to heat up the GOP Presidential race as the gloves are now completely off in the media assaults by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  The Florida primary voters didn’t  hear a lot of ideas, nor was there any positive tone to the various speeches being given by candidates who have […]

Money can’t buy you everything in life, but apparently Mitt Romney has found a way to make use of all those millions he has amassed as a Presidential candidate.  Romney outworked and outspent  former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in Florida, and it paid off with a resounding victory in the Florida Primary.  Both […]

By Douglas Wilson Newt Gingrich’s decisive win in South Carolina on Saturday reaffirmed that the base of the Republican Party is hungry for passion. Conservative…

Today is a crazy day in the Republican primary race. Rick Perry dropped out of the race and endorsed Newt Gingrich. The Des Moines Register…

          As expected, GOP front-runner Mitt Romney ran away with the New Hampshire primary last night defeating his rivals handily despite his many gaffes and stumbles along the campaign trail.  Romney, who quickly took the moment after his victory to continue to hammer President Obama, repeatedly referring to him as a “failed President” before a […]

An NBC News/ Marist Poll has the pizza magnate  turned Presidential hopeful with a four-percentage point lead against Mitt Romney. In Florida, the two are in a statistical dead heat. In South Carolina, it looks like it shaping up to be a two-way race between Romney and Cain. Cain got 30% and Romney got 26% […]

WASHINGTON — Despite the sluggish economy, President Barack Obama still has a substantial lead over his potential GOP rivals in 2012. Reuters reports: Obama leads all potential Republican challengers by double-digit margins. He is ahead of his closest Republican rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, by 13 percentage points — 51 percent to 38 percent. […]