Mega Millions

A winning ticket for a $640-million Mega Millions lottery was purchased in San Jose Tuesday, though the winner is yet to come forward, according to…

In Chicago, three bakery workers claim they’re owed dough — their fair share of $118 million in winnings from the Illinois State Lottery. They say they were part of a betting pool at the Pita Pan Old World Bakery in Chicago Heights that won the windfall in a May 4 drawing. “What happened was this,” […]

Three teachers from Maryland have finally come forward to claim their Mega Millions jackpot prize. The trio stashed the winning ticket in a safe after the record-breaking $656 million drawing last month — and sat back to watch as a kooky Baltimore woman claimed to be the winner. The 2 women and 1 man — […]

Mega Millions mania has plunged a Maryland McDonald’s into a bubbling cauldron of controversy hotter than a deep-fried apple pie. Workers at the fast-food joint who pooled their cash for tickets are furious at a colleague who claims she won with a ticket she bought for herself and has no intention of sharing. “We had […]

The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are 1 in 195,249,054. Kathy Scruggs appears to have beat them without even trying. Scruggs, 44, of Lithonia, Georgia, told lottery officials that she won the $25 million Powerball jackpot on Sept. 14 only because a store clerk misunderstood which lottery ticket she wanted to buy. Scruggs said […]

An Ohio man who missed his weekly work lottery pool while he was out with a back injury is suing his co-workers for a share of their $99 million jackpot. For 8 years, Edward Hairston diligently contributed $15 per month to his lottery office pool. His lawyer claimed he was cheated out of the winnings […]