UPDATE: Senate bill SB367 “JP’s Law” introduced by Senator A. Donald McEachin has passed at the 2014 Virginia General Assembly and is a new law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Watch: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s ceremonial signing of JP’s Law in the Cabinet Room at the Patrick Henry Building on Wednesday. Congrats to JP’s parents Pam and […]

Could the conviction box  be excluded from state employment applications? Senator A. Donald McEachin championed SB250 “Ban the Box” a bill that would remove the felony conviction box on state employment applications. Senator McEachin said, ” I am very excited to move forward with this legislation that will give offenders an opportunity to receive an interview, explain their […]

Have you been convicted a felony? Senator A. Donald McEachin introduced the ‘ban the box” SB250, the purpose is to raise awareness about the difficulties facing ex-offenders trying to find employment and current legislation seeking to help them reintegrate successfully into society. The “Ban the Box” bill passed out of the Senate General Laws and Technology […]

  The 2014 General Assembly Session is in through March. On Monday, following testimony from veterans, anti-gun violence experts, and victims of gun violence, the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice voted to reject SB 520 with a vote of 6-9, with all Republicans opposed.  The bill SB520 would have effectively created universal background checks […]

CHICAGO- Obama for America has released eight “radio ads”  detailing the devastating impact of the Romney-Ryan budget and its affect on the middle class and a growing economy.  From allowing the housing market hit rock bottom to turning Medicare into a voucher system and slashing investments in education. A Romney-Ryan approach is consistent with a […]

The Virginia General Assembly 2012 session adjourned without an agreement on the state budget. Governor Bob McDonnell’s two-year 85 billion dollar budget plan is still under review with Senate members. Some of the talks include the ultrasound payments since doctors don’t feel that it’s medically necessary. Senator McEachin and other senate democrats think that the state should […]

In Virginia, 49 delegates are at stake with only two candidates on the ballot, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Who is Mitt Romney? Is he a conservative, moderate or liberal? Virginia Senator Donald McEachin said ” the republicans don’t know”. Senator McEachin said Mitt Romney will be anything to win the republican presidential […]

  UPDATE: It’s official the amended “ultrasound probe” bill has passed in the House of Delegates and will had to Governor Bob McDonnell’s desk to be signed into law.  The “ultrasound probe” law will take effect on July 1, 2012. The House passed the bill by a 64-35 margin.  Delegate Joe Morrissey, District 74, Virginia […]

The Obama for America Virginia has launched the Virginia Truth Team. The group is compromised of key community leaders to promote the President’s achievements, responding to unfounded attacks on his record, and holding Republicans accountable for their actions. “If you look at where we were as a nation three years ago and compare it to […]

The Virginia House of the Delegates passed the “the personhood” bill by a 66-32 margin. The bill has arrived to the Virginia Senate for a vote. The bill is in the Senate Committee. Senator Donald McEachin ways in on the “personhood” bill and wants to change some language in the bill. Rights of unborn children.  […]

The Tebow Bill (hb947) has passed in the House of Delegates and now will head to the Senate. This is a heated debate where as, home schooled students would be allowed to play sports and participate in the arts at local schools. Senator McEachin discusses the bill with me. The consideration for the Tim Tebow bill derives […]