Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates served his  6 month sentence for assaulting a fan back in 2015. Yesterday Gates was supposed to be released, a whole month early for good behavior– but, not so fast. According to TMZ, while police were processing the rapper out of jail, they found an outstanding weapons warrant under his name. Kevin will […]

Kevin Gates almost saw the light when he was about to be released from jail today. The rapper, who already served five months behind bars, had been sentenced for kicking a woman in the face at a Florida show. He did his time and just when he was about to experience the sweet feeling of freedom, […]

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the world. The music focus of the festival lasts 6 days in total and always has a diverse list of the hottest performers in the industry. We’ll be providing full coverage of all the dopest events in Austin, TX at SXSW and […]

In honor of the anniversary, Pharrell and his OTHERtone co-host created a playlist of the rapper's hottest tracks.

As promised, Kevin Gates' Islah album is here. With a title inspired by his daughter Islah, the 17-track album is pretty light on guest appearances.

Kevin Gates’ debut album, Islah, is now available for purchase and streaming. The 15-track LP, Gates’ first under Atlantic Records, does not feature any guest…

Apparently, his name is ZacZeta, also known as Zacari Nicasio, and he's an aspiring rapper.

New Orleans rapper Kevin Gates has never been at the top of the of celebrities who life their lives with some sort of moral compass…

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