Ice Cream

The statement – “I’m addicted to ice cream” – might actually be true. There are people who say that for them, food is like a drug, and a new study suggests that high-calorie foods like ice cream can affect the brain in some of the ways drugs do. “Over consumption of these foods down regulates […]

Ice cream lovers, get ready to have a ball. Ben & Jerry’s has confirmed it will be producing a “Schweddy Balls” flavor, inspired by the 1998 Saturday Night Live sketch starring Alec Baldwin. While the name may sound unpalatable to some, the vanilla ice cream is loaded with obscenely rich, spherical treats, including fudge covered […]

Cool off  with Henrico County Recreation and Parks for an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social.  It’s a free family event Sunday August 1, from 4-6pm at The Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park. The Park is located at 4001 Clarendon Drive off Creighton Road near St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Henrico.  For more information log onto