Lawmakers in the State Senate have voted and it could be illegal to drive while holding a cellphone in Virginia. State lawmakers recently passed hands-free driving bills in the House and Senate. It had been illegal to text or email while driving in Virginia, but police say that was hard to enforce because they had […]

Happy Hour laws in Virginia could be changing soon if approved by the governor. Lawmakers in the House and Senate voted on Wednesday to loosen up regulations around how bars and restaurants can advertise their happy hour. If the bills are signed into law, these establishments will be able to use creative marketing tools to […]

The Virginia General Assembly is now in session over the course of 45-days and legislators from around the Commonwealth of Virginia are in Richmond. Senators and Delegates will represent you so check in on them by taking an active role in the legislative process.  Some frequently asked questions “Who is my legislator?” “What bills are being introduced?” […]

Tuesday was Crossover Day at the Virginia General Assembly and one of the most important days during the session. That was the day when lawmakers from the House and Senate wanted their bills to pass and move on to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. Hundreds of bills crossed over on Tuesday but […]

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Rickey Smiley and Da Brat had a hilarious debate about the bathroom privileges of the average guest in Rickey’s home! While Rickey bans pooping by guests…

It’s party season! But sometimes house guests will overstay their welcome and have the party sticking around a little too long. Thanks to Jasmine Sanders, you’ll…

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Earlier this month, the House voted to pass the bill that would have ended the NSA data collection that has been on-going since the Patriot…

The Virginia 2014 General Assembly Session has adjourned and lawmakers in the House and Senate have not passed the two-year 95-million state budget. Members of the General Assembly in both House and Senate left Richmond afternoon still at odds over Medicaid expansion. However, the final hours of the General Assembly session did bring agreement on […]

Will medicaid expand to some 400,000 uninsured Virginians? The hot bottom issue at the Virginia General Assembly is not looking good. The session ends on March 8 and where are lawmakers on this issue? According to Delegate Joe Morrissey, House republicans oppose medicaid expansion but the Senate has come to a compromise. The Senate compromise […]

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Earlier Friday, Senate Republicans joined with the Democratic majority to pass a bill that will keep the government running past the Monday deadline, despite the…

    View the latest bills that have been introduced, passed and rejected at the 2013 General Assembly Session. The House of Delegates has passed HB1337 which would require all voters to present a photo ID to vote at poll locations in Virginia. Read the full text at Richmond Sunlight  Legislators from around the Commonwealth […]

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UPDATE: It’s a first in Virginia, the full Senate voted in support of automatic restoration of rights for non-violent conviction felons but it did not pass in the House. The House Privileges and Elections Committee voted to table the bill with no likely passage for this General Assembly session. The 71st Governor of the Commonwealth […]