Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia has granted the rights of over 200,000 felons to date. It’s time to register to vote. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO VOTE.   Governor Terry R. McAuliffe has granted the rights of an additional 206,000 felons bringing the total to 224,000 restoration of rights grants to date. As of April […]

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In February, President Barack Obama announced an initiative to respond to the economic, employment, and educational disparities that young men of color face as they enter…

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 Clovia Lawrence of Radio One INC and Rolling for Freedom would like to thank Governor Terry McAuliffe for his diligence in granting the civil rights to persons who have done time and paid their debt to society. Great job for Virginians! From the Office of Governor Terry McAuliffe: Governor McAuliffe’s Changes to Restoration of Rights […]

Miss Community Clovia reported this story earlier this week on Radio One Richmond stations. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will grant clemency to a prison inmate suffering from incurable cancer. Charles Davis and Brenda Kirby, parents of prison inmate Jason Scott Davis, 35,  had requested a medical clemency for their son to die at home rather than in prison. Davis is serving […]