gas prices

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Buckle up it’s the law in Virginia. Gas prices are up as millions of people get ready to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend. Triple-A reports that the average price for a gallon of gas in Richmond is two dollars, 77-cents. That’s over 60-cents higher than this time last year. […]

AAA said expect prices of fuel to drop another 20 cents by June 2013. Gas usually goes up during the summer season, but their has been a steep drop in the price of oil and it lower the price of gas. The national average of a gallon for regualar unleaded is $3.52.

The price to fill-up your gas tank is going down… and fast. “As crude oil prices go down, the gas prices are going down as well,” says AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Windy VanCuren. VanCuren also says many investors are worried that the economy will only get worse. The silver-lining to that is gas prices may drop […]

Gas Prices are high as ever and continue to rise all over the country. With this growing problem, to ease your pockets a little, we decided to find the cheapest gas prices in Richmond.  Here are the top ten cheapest gas prices in and around the Richmond Area. For the entire list visit