Onlookers claim that the altercation became physical when Kevin Sr. put his son in a headlock.

Virginia is getting a nearly ten-million-dollar federal grant to fight the opioid crisis. Governor Ralph Northam said on Monday that this is the second consecutive year the state has received such a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Northam says the continued funding will help Virginia’s community services boards provide prevention, […]

The "4:44" rapper stressed that everything is "cool" with his "sister" and that they haven't disagreed since.

Lil Boosie is finally speaking out about the mall fight between his crew and mall security. He says racism was definitely a motivating factor: Later, he claims the police stole millions worth of jewelry: Hopefully justice will be served!

Yesterday Boosie and his team got into a scuffle with a security guard at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi. The rapper and his entourage were trying to do a little a shopping, but the fans wouldn’t leave him alone. Security ended up asking Boosie and his team to leave and that’s when things quickly went […]

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There was some drama in the rapper's camp during according to new reports.

Soulja Boy‘s beef with Chris Brown just won’t let up. As soon as you thought the nearly four-month long drama was over, it gets new breath again. During a concert in Minneapolis this weekend, the rapper blasted Chris on stage, claiming that Brown backed out of their now cancelled boxing match out of fear. He […]

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Jamie Foxx is set to release his latest film, Sleepless, in which he plays a Las Vegas police officer by the name of Vincent Downs.

Soulja Boy apparently still hasn't had enough of being the butt of a month's worth of jokes, because he continues to show off his antics.

Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe can finally go back to being strangers again.

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The singer, known for his smooth demeanor, had to be held back from fighting a club owner on Wednesday night.

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Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.