Eric Cantor

Did you see it coming? NO! Eric Cantor was the occupier of the 7th Congressional District seat for nearly 14 years representing Virginia. Cantor was voted out of the seat by citizens of the 7th congressional district during the primary in June. Cantor has since resigned from the seat before his term ended. Watch the one and […]

Miss Community” Lawrence and Rolling For Freedom (R4F) want to ensure that all Virginians are updated on the voting process. Rolling for Freedom specializes in voter registration, voter education, restoration of rights, rolling rallies,  gubernatorial and senatorial community forums for candidates running for public office. Text “Kiss” To 23845 for your chance at ticket giveaways and […]

Guess who’s decided to work after being yelled at? On Friday, the House of Representatives approved $9.7 billion in new aid for victims of Hurricane…

           The House, led by Republicans, voted yesterday to repeal the Health Care bill.  A stunning decision considering the fact the Senate isn’t expected to spend a moment considering the move.  Virginia’s Eric Cantor says the bill will bankrupt the nation and he’s displeased that the Senate will not bring the repeal to the floor.  The […]