In a case described as troubling, police believe missing Aurora, Colorado teen Lashaya Stine left home at 2:30 a.m. in July to meet with someone. She has not been seen since then.

The exhibition, dubbed “Taking the Stage,” will include the cover from his 1964 album “I Started Out as a Child” and an “I, Spy” comic book.

The Denver District Attorney declined to charge the police officers involved in the death of a mentally ill man named Michael Lee Marshall, prompting the family to call for a federal investigation on Friday, KDVR reports.  The incident occurred in November 2015 when Marshall–a reported homeless paranoid schizophrenic–was arrested for trespassing. While in custody at the station, police claim […]

The shooting previously sparked protests in Aurora, given its profile as a Black Lives Matter story and the way that the investigation had been botched.

The victims of the Planned Parenthood shooting were identified as an Iraq War veteran, a mother of two from Hawaii and a police officer.

A 34-year-old Colorado woman, accused of a cutting a 7-month-old baby from a mother’s body, will not be charged with murder, the Boulder County Colorado…

Aurora Colorado police confirmed that the man killed by police last Friday in an officer involved shooting was, in fact, unarmed, reports CBS4 Denver. The victim is…

The munchies people in Colorado are about to have will be unprecedented! On the first day of legalized marijuana, of the 24 Cannabis shops in…

  The first presidential debate was held Wednesday at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. The moderator was longtime broadcaster 78 year old Jim Lehrer. This 2012 presidential debate marks the 12th time Lehrer has moderated a presidential or vice presidential debate. Lehrer tried to take control of the debate but had a few […]

24 year old James Eagan Holmes was formally charge with 142 separate felony charges in court on Monday.  Holmes only spoke once responding “yes” to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days. Holmes’ response was sent by tweet from Denver Post Courts reporter John Ingold. Prosecutors presented dual charges for Holmes in case, his […]

On Monday, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler approved a state ballot initiative to legalize and regulate the use of marijuana. Voters will now decide if the measure becomes law. According to, in January, proponents of the initiative submitted more than 160,000 signatures to Gessler. However, after review, the petition fell about 3,000 signatures […]

Politcal insiders are calling Rick Santorum’s win in the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses a clean sweep. Santorum also won the non-binding primary in Missouri. Mitt Romney the GOP frontrunner for the Florida and New Hampshire primaries was winless Tuesday. He congratulated Santorum on his win. Minnesota caucuses: Rick Santorum won 45% of the votes to […]