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Donald Trump's xenophobic comments against Mexicans and Muslims is starting to leave a bad taste in the mouths of some donors to the Republican National Convention. The New York Times is reporting that Coca-Cola has decided against matching the $660,000 it gave the RNC for the 2012 Republican convention, "deciding to donate only $75,000 for this year and indicating that it does not plan to provide more."

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Dunham pulled the A-lister of all A-listers for her newsletter - Michelle Obama.

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Here are all of LeBron's huge deals, including some he's probably forgotten about.

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State residents are still allowed to commemorate the lives of Confederate soldiers if they so choose.


Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Operation PUSH organization, now known as the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition have staged several boycotts against major businesses based on their lack…


Harrison Okene has nightmares about the ocean. Sometimes in his sleep he feels his bed sinking and wakes up screaming. But his survival is still…