Children’s Book

According to a review of the book by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the authors were seeking to spread a message of “hope, healing and unity,” but instead many are saying the book doesn't do enough to explain the traverse effects surrounding what led to the city's collapse.

We thought we’d had enough of Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy,” but his children’s book of the same name will warm up every cold heart. The super producer is promoting the picture book on his popular YouTube page, i am Other. In this adorable video, Pharrell asks kids why they love to read. One little girl sums it […]

Danny Brown is definitely an example of how the rapper is much more than what they appear to be on the surface. Listen to the Front…

50 Cent is known for many things: Being a successful rapper, getting shot 9 time and surviving, making stupid comments on Twitter, and parlaying rapping into smart business moves. But, if you asked people if they thought 50 Cent would ever write a children’s book, they’d probably give you the side-eye. However, that’s exactly what […]

Actor Taye Diggs has joined the ranks of the celebrity children’s book authors. Diggs chronicles one boy’s struggle to fit in with those around him because of his race in the new book ‘Chocolate Me!’, and he hopes the story will help his own 2-year-old son, Warner, when he begins school. He says,”You should be […]

Actress Fran Drescher, who became famous from the television show “The Nanny,” has written a children’s book. Dresher’s “Being Wendy” is a book that encourages kids to embrace their talents and interests, and, for Drescher, the story’s message hits close to home and mirrors her own upbringing. She tells the New York Post, “I felt […]