Rapper/producer Detail is reportedly filing a lawsuit against Drake for allegedly siccing his bodyguards on him.

Kylie Jenner gets hated on from all angles but for the first time, things got physical. The reality TV star was making her way out…

During a trip to the India this week, Oprah Winfrey decided to pay a surprise visit to the sacred Hindu town of Uttar Pradesh. However, things didn’t go as planned after her private security guards got into a altercation with local Indian reporters. Winfrey visited a center for child widows on Thursday in a suburb […]

Two people have been charged in the alleged beating of a former West Point cadet at Bush Intercontinental Airport. Efrem Holmes, 43, and Norma Harris, 63, are charged with assault. Holmes is one of LaBelle’s bodyguards. Harris is her assistant and hairdresser. Security cameras showed Houston native Richard King being beaten outside Terminal C in […]

Veteran R&B diva Patti LaBelle says in a countersuit filed against a West Point cadet who claims she ordered her bodyguards to beat him up outside a Houston airport terminal that the altercation began after the cadet hurled racial insults at her. But an attorney for the cadet, Richard King, denied his client ever said […]

A West Point cadet is suing veteran R&B diva Patti LaBelle, saying she ordered her bodyguards to beat him up as he waited for a ride home outside a Houston airport terminal. The lawsuit alleges the cadet, Richard King, was waiting for his brother and father to pick him up outside one of the terminals […]