When I left the mall that day, I knew these stories had to be told in order to be understood. I also realized that the March was just as much for healing as it was for justice. People needed to heal from their wounds of injustice and who better to do that with than thousands of people who feel what you feel.

Have you ever had an encounter that turned into a lifetime of friendship? Or how about think of a loved one to instantly have the phone ring with your mother on the other end just wanting to hear your voice? These are not coincidences; they’re thoughts attached to emotions which affect everything you do. Many […]

The BlackBerry Bold Slider 9800 and its new operating system BB6 OS are both making their first appearances at a AT&T press conference today in New York City. Also known as the Torch 9800 it could be the last standing hope for RIM. RIM hasn’t faired well lately to the the extreme push from Apple […]

Check out Bilal’s private performance in Soho on Friday. His upcoming album, Airtight’s Revenge (in stores on September 14)…

Mayor Dwight C. Jones has created a program to improve the quality of life for the people of Richmond. Listen to all the changes the Mayor hopes to provide through his new MPACC initiative program. Also Check Out: New Richmond City Jail To Stay On East End

Via: Rufus Carl Gordon Jr. pasted away last week in his home in Jetersville. Gordon, who was best-known for his role in the 1990 Broadway production “The Piano Lesson,” and his role on the Fox sitcom “ROC,” suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Acting hadn’t become a staple for the Goochland, Viriginia native until his mid […]

Students A Jacob Road Elementary School reported to the Priciple’s office that their Substitute teacher was acting strangely. Administrators who investigated the complaint found that 50 year old Sabrina Padow had been drinking on school property before class. She was arrested and charged with drinking on school property. Padow plead no contest to the chargers […]

While surfing the web, I came across a chat board that posed the question whether women encourage men to be dogs? Blank stare. There were actually men who stood by this idea and argued it passionately. He went on to say that when women dress seductively they are encouraging bad behavior from men. Of course […]