Lawmakers in the State Senate have voted and it could be illegal to drive while holding a cellphone in Virginia. State lawmakers recently passed hands-free driving bills in the House and Senate. It had been illegal to text or email while driving in Virginia, but police say that was hard to enforce because they had […]

Miss Community Clovia is “Keep An Eye on G-A” and here’s the latest on the Virginia smoking bill: A bill to raise the legal age of smoking is making progress. Tuesday night, the state Senate voted 32-to-eight to raise the age to legally buy tobacco products and vape products to 21. The bill now heads […]

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North Carolina's anti-gay "bathroom bill" has been the center of a lot of controversy this year – and The Daily Show decided to put the bill to the test.

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 12 noon. Lawmakers in the House and Senate will convene in Richmond to introduce, vote and kill hundreds of bills submitted during the session. Virginia Senator Charles Carrico, Sr (R-District 40) is pushing for the Confederate flag to return to Virginia license plates. The bill, […]

Virginia Senator Dave Marsden, District 37 representative, will reintroduce a bill to raise the minimum wage for Virginia workers. The Fairfax moderate Democrat says Senate Bill 681 would increase the current minimum wage of seven dollars-25 cents per hour to ten dollars-ten-cents by 2017. The bill barely made it out of the state Senate last […]

Chris Thomas of NBC12 tracked me down for an interview about the serious accusations against Entertainer Bill Cosby. I said Chris, I can only speak on my experience with Bill Cosby. I met Mr. Cosby in 1986 on the set of the Cosby Show. Several students from Virginia Union University were apart of the Student Facilitators program. […]

  The 2014 General Assembly Session is in through March. On Monday, following testimony from veterans, anti-gun violence experts, and victims of gun violence, the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice voted to reject SB 520 with a vote of 6-9, with all Republicans opposed.  The bill SB520 would have effectively created universal background checks […]

  Under Virginia law, persons sentenced to death have the right to choose their execution. The prisoners’ choice is by either electrocution or lethal injection. A House committee killed HB942 which would remove electrocution as a manner of execution for prisoners sentenced to death. If legal injection drugs are not available the prisoner will automatically die by […]

The 2014 Virginia General Assembly is in session with one week down and seven more weeks to go. Over 900 bills have been introduced by members in the House and Senate. Bills have been introduced from minority procurement, medicaid expansion to the reform of the Standards of Learning (SOL’S). Stay on track with key pieces […]

  Former President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are expected to attend Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial inauguration this weekend. The governor-elect was a close fundraiser for the presidential campaigns for both Clintons. McAuliffe was also the chairman of Hillary’s presidential bid in 2008. McAuliffe, Attorney General-elect Mark Herring and Lieutenant Governor-elect Ralphn […]

Virginia highways and railways will get makeovers. Governor Bob McDonnell signed HB 2313, the transporation bill into law this week and immediate action is underway. The Richmond region will receive 148-million for rail projects and 774-million for highway construction, including 62-million for improvements on the popular Interstate 64 – Interstate 95 overlap area in Richmond. […]

On Monday, February 11, 2013, the Virginia House of Delegates has rejected a constitutional amendment on automatic restoration of rights for non-violent convicted felons. Delegate Joe Morrissey, District 74, responds to my series “Keeping An Eye on the G-A” on the restoration of rights bill and rejection for passage in the House of Delegates. He starts […]