baby mama

Mendeecees may be away for a long time, but that hasn't stopped him from calling the shots in his family.

The reported Miami nightclub waitress is currently prepping for her baby shower.

50 Cent and his baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins got into yet another online war of words. But what's new?

A man’s new girlfriend has an issue with the fact that he’s still in contact with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter- who he basically raised as his own. While he has no intention of cutting off his three year old “stepdaughter,” Spirit advises him on how to handle the insecurity that his currently is acting out on. […]

The Miami Heat star will be issuing a subpoena to the producers of Basketball Wives, demanding they hand over all raw footage that his baby mama shot for the reality show.

A woman calls up Spirit and with some questions about her two-year relationship with a man who she suspects of still being involved in some capacity with his baby mama. She feels as though his attentions are split in a way that goes beyond parenting the same child with her, and asks for Spirit’s advice. […]

Shandra is engaged to be married to Eric, but she cheated on him when she went to her cousin’s destination wedding in the Caribbean with a guy named Derwin. Derwin thinks Shandra was feeling him, and would be thrilled to be the father of her child. Shandra, however, isn’t really interested in Derwin and is […]

Chris Brown and the mother of his child are fighting because of some Instagram photos of their child that she posted featuring Royalty dressed inappropriately for a two-year-old. Special K explains how this passage of THOT-iness onto the child was inevitable, and cites another example of a similar passage between mother and baby.  Plus, he explains the right […]

The "Loyal" singer was awarded joint custody of his baby Royalty with mom Nia Guzman and got to take her home today.

Gary With Da Tea is reporting Diddy kind of did his first baby mama dirty. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why she might be…

NFL player and reality TV star, Terrell Owens, who’s already a “baby daddy” several times over, is two months late on child support payments to one of his baby mamas…and she wants him tossed in jail. Melanie Paige Smith, who has a 5-year-old daughter with Terrell “T.O.” Owens, has filed a petition begging an Atlanta […]

Actor Mel Gibson will pay the mother of his 22 month-old daughter $750,000 and get joint custody of the child, ending a bitter custody and financial dispute that badly damaged his Hollywood career. Gibson and his former musician girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva agreed to a settlement detailed in a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing following a […]