President Trump fumed in a phone call with Australia's leader. Trump wants to shut down a refugees transfer agreement.

Hiccups normally come at the worst time possible. Well, anytime you get the hiccups is the worst time possible.

Viewers of an Australian talk show learned that some of their White neighbors and media personalities are perfectly fine with calling Black people "negroes."

Chris Brown's 2009 domestic violence conviction against Rihanna is coming back to bite him in the ass.

Hundreds of people lost their lives in Saudi Arabia Wednesday during a stampede near the city of Mecca. Nearly two million people are in the city…

02/08/14- Comedian Tony Woods jokes with the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew about performing in the United States versus overseas.

The brothers Gibb or the Bee Gees were born in Manchester England but later moved to Australia where they started what would be their 5 decade music career. They sold over 220 million albums worldwide. Barry, Maurice and Robin had the top selling album of all times with the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack until Michael […]

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian knows that with great visibility comes a tidal wave of scrutiny. “It’s kind of what you get from living your life so publicly on a reality show,” Kim admitted on Australia’s Sunrise morning show, in her first TV interview since announcing Monday that she was divorcing Kris Humphries after 72 […]

Kelly Rowland had a diva moment on a recent commercial flight to Sydney.

Whitney was spotted flying out of Sydney International Airport yesterday looking pretty rough. Whit looks like she needs some strong coffee!!