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Ladies, have you ever been on a crowded bus or train, coming home from work, and you notice that there are several men sitting down while there are twice as many women standing. Doesn’t it piss you off? It does me. I hate to say this but chivalry is dead. Gone are the days when the men would hold the door open for us. Gone are the days when a man would give up his seat for a woman on a train or a bus. Guys will almost knock a woman down trying to beat her to a free seat. Sometimes, this same thinking transfers over with men when they are dating.

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Some guys will say that chivalry dies the moment that women demand to be treated like equals. But it doesn’t. That just became an excuse for some men to try a little less. To not feel guilty when they do not treat a woman with respect, etc. They can always fall back on the excuse that women wanted to be treated equally so they are giving us what we “wanted.” As if wanting to be treated equally in the workplace and in society in general, means we are denouncing the fact that we were women.

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Then there are the women who do not even expect to be treated with respect or like a lady so they do not demand it. They have never experienced it so they have no desire for it or expectation of it.

Then there are some women that feel that demanding to be treated like a lady would make them appear to be weak, as if they cannot take care of themselves. I’m here to say that you do not know what you are missing! If you are dating a man and he does not open doors for you, make sure that you are walking on the inside of the street etc… Then he is not someone that you need to date. Never give him the impression that he does not have to try while dating you.

Here is an added twist…Since chivalry is dead for most men and women, shouldn’t June Cleaver also die? In other words, since some men do not feel the need to be chivalrous towards women, then should they….To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt