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If I died, who would care? I felt that way early on in my career. How did I make it through? A village of people who prayed with me and for me. They talked to me daily until I realized that my life matters. There are people suffering silently so check up on your family, friends, and co-workers. Just a simple how are you could potentially save someone’s life.

Mecca Williams, LPC is the Hearts Grant facilitator and Tangee Augustin, LCSW at Avail Counseling is co-facilitator of the StyleAffect Presents “Black People Don’t Hang Themselves!” panel discussion tonight.

Follow Tangee Augustin on IG @availcounseling for details about being apart of tonight’s panel discussion to dismantle the myths associated with Suicide in the Black Community. Join the discussion with Mental Health experts.

Mecca and Tangee joined me during the I AM COMMUNITY report this morning. Listen now