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“I hope this never happens to anyone else,” Nancy Wirths, 49, said in an interview with KSNW.

Wirths lives in Wichita, Kansas and received a hateful note that lambasted her family for merely existing in a mostly White neighborhood. Wirth is also White, but has bi-racial grandchildren who frequently spend time at her home.

Out of her nine grandchildren, six are Black. Wirth says the attack shook her to her core and she fears for her family’s safety.

The handwritten note, addressed to “resident,” began with the following:

“We have noticed there are some black children at your residence. Maybe you are running a daycare or these are your children. In either case, we have put our house for sale. This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.”

The one page letter also goes so far to say that the writer was prompted to sell their house. “There is a reason for saying ‘The other side of the tracks.’ That is where these people belong,”  continued the hateful note.

Wirths says she is devastated and is trying to find the strength to raise her children with a spirit of inclusiveness and understanding.

“These are kids under the age of ten where me and their parents are trying to raise them, you have to love everybody, be friends with everybody. It doesn’t matter if they’re brown, purple,” she said. “It’s just a shame that they have taken the innocence away from the children.

Police are still investigating the note and if found, the culprit could face a disorderly conduct charge, KSNW reports.


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