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After last week’s epic takedown, Roland Martin was invited on The Wendy Williams Show to educate the longtime talk show host and her audience about race in America.

If you remember, Williams made a series of disheartening remarks about the need for HBCUs and the NAACP. In a blistering critique, Martin schooled Williams about the nuances of race and implored her to stick to reporting gossip.

On Thursday, Martin, the host of NewsOne Now, briefly and eloquently summed up the nation’s troubled past of slavery, segregation, and the oppression of African-Americans, leaving Williams with nothing to say except, “I stand corrected.”

Williams also apologized for her comments against the historically Black organizations she besmirched a week ago.

One day removed from “bringing the funk” to The Wendy Williams Show, Martin and his panel of guests on NewsOne Now discussed his appearance on Williams’ nationally syndicated talk show.

Watch highlights of Martin’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in the video clip above.


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