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Screw the rules of discrimination. And to hell with the rules of accountability.

Lara Odoffin, a Nigerian living abroad, was excited to be offered a position just out of college.

But the Bournemouth University graduate got a wake-up call from her potential employer, who contacted her via email and said she could not work for them unless she was willing to change her braided hairstyle.

Odoffin, a resident of the United Kingdom, could have easily let her anger at the situation overshadow things. But she chose to take the high road. Although she posted the note signed by “Sam,” an employer or a company rep, she refused to reveal the name of the company.

Odoffin’s post on Facebook received more than 4,000 views and she was so surprised by the support, she uploaded another post to express her gratitude. She explained that her choice to not reveal the employer is because she doesn’t want her anger to “destroy someone’s livelihood and business.”

Her actions say a lot about a person’s true character. And any employer would be hard-pressed to deny this woman’s class and decency.

If character speaks loudly, and it does, Lara Odoffin’s is screaming right now.

SOURCE: Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook


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