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Eat clean, stress less and get some rest. Clovia Lawrence


There is 365 days in a year to grow or slow in relationships, business, education, family, or lifestyle. You get the picture, right? Well, I decided to start the elimination process of bad foods, bad relationships, bad business deals, challenging family members and a lifestyle of all work and no play.

Every day on earth is a new beginning to get it right. So, I am going to get it right.

On Tuesday, September 01, 2015, I started the 21-day Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast is based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. I call it the elimination of the old and rejuvenation of the new. It’s a partial fast where some foods are eaten while others are restricted.

I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh or wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. Daniel 10:3

Try some yummy recipes from the Daniel Fast here.

I must shout out my Fitness Coach Kecia Allen of ‘It’s Your Time -90 Day Challenge’ Clovia ‘Community Clo’ Lawrence