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Weight loss is a challenge for most of us, but thanks to Dr. Ian Smith, it’s gotten a little easier. Not only does Smith promote the Shred diet, which has helped thousands successfully lose weight, he’s backing up his now-famous diet with a new cookbook.

The SHRED Diet Cookbook brings Smith’s dieting principles to life with some surprisingly tasty choices.

“What kind of cookbook you know can eat barbecue chicken, barbecue steak, eggplant parmigiana, black-eyed peas salad, that’s how it goes,” says Smith. “Honey-glazed carrots. All these recipes are 30 minutes or less. They are not gourmet recipes that you have to go to a gourmet store or a fancy store. They are simple foods that you already have in your house. I teach you how to cook in a way not to compromise the flavor. People see healthy food, they already think no flavor. The biggest compliment I get is when people open up the Shred diet cookbook and they say ‘I can have this on a diet?”

Smith says that the keys to success on his Shred diet are making small changes that make a difference.  For instance, with his barbecue chicken, you cook it with the skin off, rub it in flour and then flash saute it to get a crust. That reduces calories by 40%. Also portion control makes a difference.

As far as shopping for foods for the recipes in the book, Smith says you don’t always have to go organic. The distinction is mostly for fruits and vegetables where you eat the skin, not for ones like oranges and bananas where you peel the skin off. Organic foods do help the environment, so if that’s a concern to you and you can afford it, go ahead.

“If you organically farm, you save the environment. We have not transformed that into meaning that it’s healthier. That’s not necessarily so. As for GMO’s (genetically modified foods) I’m a non-GMO person for sure. They are working on regulations for that. They will say it on the label [if the food is non-GMO.]”

Another point of contention in healthy eating is the controversy over sugar, which health experts says should be completely eliminated from your diet. Sugar, both natural and added, is part of many foods – even ones like ketchup that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of.

“The Shred diet is all about moderation. I wrote this cookbook is I wanted to show people you still can have the foods that you like. I bake cake, I eat cookies, but its in moderation,” says Smith. “I work out, too. This is for people trying to lose weight or eat healthier. A guy tweeted me and said he lost 7 pounds using the cookbook in two weeks. That’s why I wrote this you don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy.”

Smith recommends four meals and two snacks a day with snacks not over 150 calories. He also says it’s a good idea to replace one meal with a shake, smoothie or soup.

Dr. Ian has joined Roland Martin in the Shred Diet Challenge – Week One is over but you can join up and lose weight along with them. Check out the diet book and the cookbook HERE.

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