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Viola Davis Nabs Entertainment Weekly Cover & Discusses Staying Relevant In Hollywood & Love Scenes.

Acting phenom Viola Davis is the latest cover girl for the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. The Oscar-nominated thespian opened up to the magazine about career longevity in Hollywood. Despite netting two Academy-Award nominations, Viola explains in order to stay on Tinsel Town’s radar, she made the transition to television on ABC’s hit series, How To Get Away With Murder.  According to Viola:

 There’s the reality of being an actor, especially after two Academy Award nominations, and there’s the fantasy. People oversimplify it by saying, start a production company, get your own stuff going on … as if it’s that easy. I’ve had a production company for years. We have great projects coming up, but it’s been a battle, okay? At the same time, you have to stay relevant because you have to be bankable to the foreign market. So when How to Get Away with Murder came along, I had my a-ha moment. I knew it would have a great time slot, and I would be a lead in a TV show. I’d get to play a role that’s sexualized, messy, all those of things I never get to play. And at the same time, I can be relevant.

Meanwhile, how does Viola tackle those super sexy lovescenes her character legal maverick Annalise Keating embarks on with her side dude,  Nate Lahey (Billy Brown).

It was nerve-wracking, but I went for it. Anyone should be nervous doing very personal and private scenes. If you are not nervous, then something is wrong with you.

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