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Detoxification is the cleaning of the blood in our bodies.  The human body activates its own natural detox system through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.  The challenge is that as we eat less healthy foods and endure higher stress levels coupled with less sleep the body’s detox system goes into overload.  So join me, DJ King Tutt as I embark on my detox program with DHealth!  I encourage you to clean your body as well.  If you decide to get on the www.dhealthstore.com Detox Program email me at djkingtutt@gmail.com and let me know how the program is working for you.  I will select one of you guys who write in to come in and talk with me on-air about the program.

To place orders call 1-888-823-9416 or order online at www.dhealthstore.com.  For phone orders mention “Radio One Richmond” for your 15% discount for the month of May.  Hope to hear from you all!