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The presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is going to launch a four-state bus tour through Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio on Saturday. His campaign announced these new destinations for Romney on Monday afternoon.

The announcement set off a whirlwind of speculation as Romney could announce his running mate during the tour. The only indication Romney’s campaign has given, is to say the Vice President announcement will come before the Republican national convention begins, in Tampa, Florida on Aug. 27. On the short list of VP  -Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan (WI) and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL).

 The “Romney Plan For a Stronger Middle Class” bus tour will start in Virginia on Saturday and roll south to North Carolina, and then stop in Florida for a day before heading over to Ohio next Tuesday.
Romney will hold a rally at Nauticus in Norfolk  and will visit “Homemades by Suzanne’s” in Hanover County on Saturday. Former vice presidential nominee Salin Palin and Oprah Winfrey have both visited the restaurant.
  All four stops on the bus tour are crucial swing states that Romney would need to carry if he’s going to win the presidency.
The latest Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News Poll released early Wednesday shows that the race for president is tight in three battleground states, Colorado, Wisconsin and Virginia. Obama leads in Virginia with 49% to Romney’s 45%, and 51%-45% in Wisconsin. Romney has 50%-45% leverage in Colorado.
The highlight is division between white working-class workers and women which are the most significant voter groups. President Obama is holding on to support from women in most battleground states.
Obama was the victor in all three states in 2008.
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Governor Bob McDonnell discusses with me former governor Mitt Romney’s visit to Virginia and his 5 point plan to get  America back on track.