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There is a growing trend amongst couples in the US to have separate his and her bedrooms. This type of sleeping arrangement hasn’t been seen since Victorian times.

This trend came to light with a recent survey carried out by the National Association of Home Builders. The survey highlighted an increased demand for homes to be built with his and her master bedrooms.

According to this survey, it is expected that as many as 60% of custom built homes will have his and hers bedrooms by the year 2015. In fact the survey discovered that currently some builders are building 25% of their homes to fill the two master bedroom requests.

So what is causing this trend?

According to reports, this trend is not related to sex, but the need for a good nights sleep. In interviews couples are giving reasons of snoring, crying children, one person getting up very early or one person staying up very late.

Experts say, one of the biggest causes of marital tensions is a poor nights sleep. Sleeping in separate bedrooms, or at least having the option, has benefited many marriages in a positive way.

In recent years society has viewed the use of separate bedrooms as a sign of marital breakdown, but this is no longer the case. Instead the use of 2 bedrooms is becoming a much more practical way to live and, in fact, seems to be helping many people. The juggling of family life and work is leading to poor nights sleep. Using separate bedrooms allows both halves of the couple to get the sleep they require which in turn is lessening the stress in their lives.

The National Sleep Foundation in Washington has said that as many as 75% of adults do not get a full and restful night’s sleep. In a survey carried out by the foundation, they discovered that over 40% of woman believe their poor night’s sleep affects their daily lives.

The idea of separate master bedrooms is still a hush hush topic that many feel uncomfortable admitting to for fear of social stigmas, so builders have named the second master bedroom a “flex suite” so that it can also be considered a guest room.