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Over the weekend Mitt Romney won Nevada’s primary.  According to the Republican Party and results from the voter’s counters, Romney had 48% of the vote. Newt Gingrich followed with 28% of the vote. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum took the rest of the vote with 18% and 11%.

The GOP race heads to Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri today.  Rick Santorum, who finished last in the Nevada’s primary, was seen campaigning in Minnesota. Hopefully Santorum efforts will allow him to connect better with the voters.

Colorado and Minnesota are holding presidential caucuses, while Missouri holds a primary today.

 Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell stated on CNN program, “State of the Union”, “There are 17 primaries and caucuses in the next 30 days, and the map is lining up very well for Mitt Romney because here’s the bottom line: Everybody knows he’s got the best chance to beat President Obama.”

 Even though Mitt Romney is in the lead, Ron Paul firmly decided that he will continue to campaign. He believes that Romney, “doesn’t satisfy a lot of people.”

 Will Mitt Romney continue with his winning streak? 52% of women in Florida’s primary supported him. Will women in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri support Romney as well?

 Stayed tuned for updates…