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The Long Island woman accused of inciting a fight between her 12-year-old daughter and another child insists she’s not the monster mom depicted in shocking video of the fight.

“I’m not the bad person they’re making me out to be,” Daphne Melin, 32, said Tuesday.

“My daughter’s been cyber-bullied. They called her whore, b*tch and s*ut,” she said, sporting long, thick black eyeliner and huge hoop earrings.

“I’ve talked to the principal at her school, and that’s gotten me nowhere – no help,” she claimed. “I’ve taken it upon myself to do what I had to do.”

But a video of the catfight outside of William Floyd Elementary School Sunday appears to show that Melin fanned the flames of the dispute – and also served as an informal master of the chaotic ceremonies.

“Take her down! Let’s fight!” an adult voice shouts as two girls dressed in shorts and tank tops slap, kick, shove and pull each other’s hair in the wild video, obtained by the news Tuesday.

The source of the video said the crazed adult voice belongs to none other than Melin, who can be seen milling about the tween tussle, her fists clenched.

“Punch her in the face, that’s right!” she shouts as a group of kids cheer “Awesome,” and “Get her!”

“That’s right, kick her right in the face,” the adult voice yells during the fight outside of William Floyd Elementary School.

The video begins with an unidentified youngster calling out the two girls’ names in the style of a professional prize fight.

“Wait, wait, wait, let me introduce it. Hi Sam. Hi Jane. Let’s get ready to rumble!” the pre-teen voice squeaks with misguided delight.

The disturbing episode led cops to arrest Melin late Monday on charges of attempted assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say that as the fight on the lawn of the school wound down, Melin turned violent herself.