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My best friend recently sent me a pretty interesting article. Check it out. . . .

So I’ve been weeding out fake friends in my life lately and I realize I only have three or four really good friends. At the top of the list is my husband, who has been my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my partner in every sense of the word since we hooked up five years ago. He’s seen me through two physically draining pregnancies, a race to finish my bachelor’s degree, one mild bout of postpartum depression, and the countless ups and downs of my writing career.

It’s easy for your significant other or spouse to become your best friend by default. You see them pretty much every day, they see you when you’re stressed, they see you naked multiple times a week (I hope!) and if you have kids, sharing that responsibility is enough to bond you to each other for life.

But should that always be the case? Or should you seek the counsel of friends outside your relationship to make sure you don’t “lose yourself”?

I try to have a nice balance between spending time with the hubs and with my other friends. But typically, any relationship problems we have, I don’t discuss them with my friends. Not ever!!! Only the two of us know what’s going on and how issues develop. My friends don’t have that knowledge. They don’t need to know and I don’t feel compelled to tell them.

Do you think it’s NECESSARY for your significant other to be your best friend or do you bestow that title on someone else in your inner circle?

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