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Tracee Ellis Ross is a talented, funny, educated, stylish, and she’s over 40 and single with no kids.

In 2017 Ross spoke about the never-ending pressure on women “of a certain age” to have a family. That being “chosen and having kids are what makes you worthy” of your womanhood.

Sounds archaic, unfortunately, it’s still a fact. Despite a woman’s numerous accomplishments judgment of a woman’s worth still often boils down to two things: marriage and kids.

Even in 2018, releasing oneself of society’s expectation for a woman to find her worth within the constructs of home and family can be frustrating.

However, Ross continues to demonstrate that there is no crisis. That husband plus child does not equal woman. We are enough all by ourselves.

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In honor of Tracee Ellis Ross celebrating another year we take a look at 7 ways she taught women to be unapologetic about being fabulously single:








2. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

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4. Find a cause and get involved!

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MIDTERMS ~ @andrewgillum I left work Friday night and got on a red eye to go to Florida to campaign all day Saturday for Andrew Gillum and the many important propositions on the ballot there. These midterm elections affect healthcare, education, employment, women’s right to choose, equal pay, and the restoration of voting rights (amendment 4 in Florida). I traveled around with @rjaigillum (Andrew’s wonderful partner and a leader in her own right) and @theoriginalbigdaddy. America is filled with the most incredible, engaged, active and powerful people. Voting is the most effective way to fundamentally change the daily conditions of our lives and the course of this country. The best way to improve our communities is to vote for leaders who will fight for your interests and have an understanding of your life and your concerns. Vote for the candidates that make you feel empowered, not afraid. Get educated so you can vote all the way up and down the ballot on initiatives and amendments, state representatives, etc. These are the things that affect our daily lives and freedoms. Our democracy is at stake. Things will get worse if we don’t show up for what we believe in. We must use our power and vote. Vote early so your hands are free to help others cast their ballot. And if you can’t vote for whatever reason then please assist in getting people to the polls. EARLY VOTING STARTS TOMORROW (MONDAY 10/22) IN FLORIDA

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5. You are enough. Be confident and take that energy with you EVERYWHERE!

6. Take care of yourself.

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BALANCE // STRENGTH // FOCUS ~ @tracyandersonmethod

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7. Never forget where you came from.