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I love to see Black love. My Grandparents were together for over fifty years until the time of my Granny’s death months ago. Neither of them ever felt the need to get a tattoo before their marriage or after to confirm their love. I am a fan of all Black love. However, I am not a fan of men or women, but especially women, because I empathize the most with them for obvious reasons, being foolish while in love.

Singer Monica is approaching the foolish bar. She is now dating basketball player Shannon Brown. Now, I am not going to emphasize on the rumor that he supposedly was in a relationship with his baby mother when he and Monica began dating. Whatever works for them. What I am concerned about is the fact that the two have not been dating for an entire year and she already has his name tattooed on her wrist. What! Why girl?! There is nothing that that man could have done, within a year or so time, that is so amazing and life altering, where he now deserves his name physically placed on her for life.  Or any amount of time, for those who will argue that she can get it removed.

My point is that it should not be there at all. At least not at this point in the relationship (for those who are into tattooing in the name of love). After only dating for about a year, I am unconvinced that any man, especially one that is not yet your husband, deserves this show of devotion and adoration. There is nothing that any man could do within a years time to make any woman run out and tattoo his name on her for life, besides dropping some penis in her pants and popping a ring on her finger with the hopes of one day being married.

Monica & Shannon Brown Are Engaged!

This is not something that I would advise ladies. First of all, the relationship is still new. So they are still learning about one another. Secondly, there is no need of getting a tattoo to prove your love to any man. Even if you are engaged to him. A tattoo does not solidify anything between a man and a woman. Hell, even a marriage license doesn’t guarantee anything so why in the world are these women getting their man’s name on them? I don’t see the purpose behind it.

This is becoming a trend for celebrity women also as singer Keyshia Cole also has her fiance and baby daddy’s name tattooed on her as well after a short time of dating. But why? What does it prove to the other person? If you use the reasoning that it means that you will be with this person forever then why not just go ahead and get married? That is supposed to serve the same purpose. It seems like instead of marriage women are opting to get their man’s name on them to guarantee that they will…To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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