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AM 1200 WCHB – Aretha Franklin is not pleased with the response of the police, the media or her former publicist. She accuses them of “gross inaccuracies” about an alleged attack on her son this week.

Aretha Franklin’s Son Brutally Beaten In Detroit

Franklin issued a lengthy statement on Thursday that she said attempted to set the story straight.

Franklin claims police “gave the media the impression that my son was not being cooperative.” Police said they tried and failed to take a statement from Eddie Franklin in the hospital.

“After observing my son on Tuesday, it was clear that he was unable to communicate with anyone after such a traumatic attack and with his jaw wired,” Aretha Franklin said. “The officer probably would not have been able to give a statement if he had been attacked by three men the very next day, either, and it was totally unreasonable to expect Eddie to do so as if he were not being cooperative.”

Police didn’t respond to Aretha Franklin’s complaints. Attempts from media to reach Quinn were unsuccessful.

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