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First dates are supposed to be fun. The light hopes of a possible relationship. This is the time when you and the other person are becoming more familiar with one another on a personal level. Personal meaning exploring the different elements of both of your personalities.

This is how you determine whether or not you even want this person in your life in any capacity. However there are certain things that might distract from the light heartedness of the date if they are a focus.

1. Ex- You would think that this one would be obvious but there are many who are unable to distinguish as to the proper time to open up about drama with your ex. The best plan is that if you are not asked about past relationships then do not bring them up. It opens the door for you to go on and on about past drama and gives the possible appearance that you are not yet over it. Or even worse, that you are bitter. No one wants to deal with a bitter man or woman.

2. Debt- The first date conversation should be light. No one wants to hear about your ‘oh woe it’s me’ overwhelming debt so soon. At this point it is not the other person’s problem or concern. They are more interested in getting to know you first. They could care less about your student loan issue.

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3. Family problems/drama- Similar to debt, telling all about your family drama could be an immediate turn off. Not everyone is sympathetic to you having “mommy issues” or hating your older brother. Discussion of problems like these could overwhelm your date. It is best to wait until you determine that this person will be in your life for an extended period of time or is worthy of your time before you share your inner demons and heartfelt secrets with them.

4. Sex- Unless that is the direction that you both have agreed that you are headed to at the end of the date, there is not need for there to be constant discussions of sex. Fellas this include details about the girth, length, and awesome functionality of your penis. Leave some element of surprise.

5. Medical Issues– Unless its HIV/AIDS or something that might be transferable to this person on the same night of the date, there is not reason why your medical history and issues should be shared so soon.

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