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We all know breakups are hard to deal with, you’ve invested a lot of time and energy and you just can’t see yourself getting past the hurt. One of the things you MUST do is to stop all forms of communication. If you’re at that point where you’re ready to move on, here are some tips from blackvoices.com to get you over that hump.

1. Baby, I’m Begging

The whole “he broke up with me out of the blue” speech is pure BS. Whether you noticed or not, chances are your ex saw the demise of your relationship well before you did. Therefore, groveling before him won’t change his mind. Despite what you think, desperation is never hot. Wipe the tears and snot off your face and walk away with some dignity!

2. LOL :)

Just because you can call, text, BBM, IM and e-mail anyone at anytime these days doesn’t mean you’ve got the green light to do all of the above to your ex. Texting him to say “I was just thinking of you” is no longer romantic or sweet, it’s annoying –and stalker-esque. Do yourself a solid and avoid using your phone or computer when thoughts of your ex start bubbling over — sober or drunk.


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