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     Was an Obama Administration official who hastily forced the resignation of a Black USDA Director rushing to judgement? Tom Vilsack, the USDA Secretary requested the resignation of Shirley Sherrod yesterday for her remarks in a speech to the NAACP recently. Those remarks, in reference to a white farmer Ms. Sherrod once helped some 24 years ago, were a snippet of an even bigger story in which her message was not one of racism, but of a moment that she realized poverty saw no color. Vilsack is promoting a zero tolerance for discrimination within the USDA, and despite the fact that Ms.Sherrod was not a USDA employee 24 years ago, he moved rather quickly in removing her. One has to wonder if Vilsack even bothered to view the entire tape.  The NAACP issued a statement today saying they were “duped” by an edited excerpt of the speech which aired on Fox News, and asked the USDA to reconsider her resignation. Even the white family she allegedly discriminated against has come forward in her defense saying that Sherrod actually saved their farm,