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The only way to enjoy an extremely hot summer (which we’re do for I might add) is to ultimately stay cool. For many, Busch Gardens and Six Flags just couldn’t make it in the budget this year, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you cheap alternatives for some fun in the sun.

1. Water Wars

Many believe a good old fashioned water balloon fight is child’s play, but adults can join the fun also. Since it’s 2010 and Super Soakers are the size of Gatling guns, there’s no question a full sized adult could seize an aqua-trenched playground and not feel bad about it. Water balloons are inexpensive and Super Soakers run anywhere from $20 to $60 bucks. The best part about them is they’ll last you all summer, so the war never really ends.

2. Sprinkler Hoping

This semi illegal past time should only be done with the permission from the own of the sprinkler, but once you have their blessings, get to hopping! Everyday people turn their sprinklers on and sometimes you can even stand in the street to get a little action. The only thing you need is a bathing suit and a towel unless you air dry.

3. Inflatable Fun

Inflatable swimming pools are super cheap. Grown folks, don’t feel ashamed to get your wade on either. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with relaxing in a bath tube sized plastic bowl filled with air; Staying cool is the only thing that matters. Your children can play in it and even the dog might want to take a dip; but please change the water, dog hair mixed with child’s urine don’t make a good relaxation experience.

4. Slip N’ Slide

This could easily be the most fun of all our cheap ways to stay cool. You can make this from household products under your kitchen sink. Grab a whole bunch of trash bags, cut them open, lay them out on a hill, drench them with dishwashing soap (Palmolive makes pretty good suds), get a hose and get to sliding!

5. Go to the Beach

The beach is always a great time. There’s always a lot of people and the waves are already paid for by mother nature. If you don’t mind sand being everywhere, then grab your towel and get ready for the best tan of your life.