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Former Bad Boy artist Loon has been released and he’s clearing up misconceptions regarding his relationship with Diddy and why he left the label. Loon was a member of Mase’s group, Harlem World, and their flows were often compared. Loon left Bad Boy a year after he signed with the label because of Diddy’s blurred lines of being the label CEO and an artist. “I was happy for all his success,” said Loon in a 2004 interview with MTV News, “but I was at a crossroads as an artist. I wanted to put forth the same effort for myself that I was putting forth for Bad Boy.”

Loon says the split from Bad Boy was amicable and he went on to form Boss Up Entertainment where he could develop his own talent, but in 2014 he was sentenced to 14 years in jail for drug trafficking. In a recent interview, Loon says Diddy has been supportive since his release from jail and there is no ill will between the two men.

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