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From giantlife.com

The ingenious Apple iPad was created as an instrument that enables readers to enjoy their choice of material on an interactive screen.

Its practical uses have wowed even the most skeptical techies, and now it has surpassed everyone’s expectations with a ton of somewhat bizarre apps and uses. Take a look at 5 of the Huffington Post’s top alternative iPad uses below.

1. A Giant Phone

2. Piano. If a Virtuoso like Lang Lang can use his iPad to play one of the most famous concertos in the world (”Flight of the Bumblebee”), you may be able to pull a little something together too. Now go impress the ladies with your iPad piano skills!

3. A Really Cool Nametag.

4. DJ Set. According to the Huffington Post, “Rana Sobhany is reportedly the world’s first iPad DJ. She mixes beats using iPad apps like Groovemaker House, Looptastic HD, iDaft, AC-7 Pro, Pianist Pro and Sonosaurus Rex. iPads are cheaper and easier to transport than DJ equipment.”

Want to rock the turntables without transporting crates and heavy systems to your venues (who does that anymore)? Just grab your iPad.

5. Pimp Your Ride. Imagine a sound system controlled by an in-dash touch screen entertainment system (eh-hem iPad). Sounds fly huh? It can be done. Check it out: